French article

French Article

Articles are words you use before nouns (as a, an, the in English).

French definite article

French definite article are used similarly to their English counterpart, “the” to talk about specific, identified nouns.

French definite article


Masculine nounle livre      the book les livres   the books
Feminine nounla table     the table les tables  the tables
Before a vowel or mute h l’orange    the orangeles oranges         the oranges

Indefinite article

French indefinite article indicates that the speaker is referring to either an unspecific noun or to one/some of something. You can use indefinite articles in front of unnamed, unidentified, or unspecified nouns, as long as they are countable.


Masculineun livre a book
un ami a friend
des livres some books
des amis some friends
Feminineune table a table
une école a school
des tables some tables
des écoles some schools

Partitive article

French partitive article indicates that the speaker is referring to only a portion or some of an uncountable noun, often food or drink.

The partitive article is needed when talking about an unknown or unspecified quantity of something uncountable.

French partitive article


Masculinedu vin some wine
de l’argent some money
Femininede la tarte some pie
de l’eau some water

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